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We specilize in the products of optical imaging system, especially in the field of LED fluorescence light source.


Our LED fluorescence light source products can offer high cost performance and customer freindly solutions to you, and it can be applicable in the many scientific research field ,such as Fluorescence Microimaging, Reflected Light Microimaging, NIR/IR Microimaging, PCR Nucleic Acid Detection, Flow Cytometry,Illumination Light Source for Microscope, Projectors and Customized Imaging System,Photocatalysis,Optogenetics etc.


Our Holographic optical tweezers is applicable in the following area:Soft material, Drug test ,Cell screening, Life Science, Optical inspection,Single molecule DNA,Medical analysis,,Environmental Science, Aerosol science, Cold atoms, Quantum science, Neurodynamics,Reproductive medicine etc.


Should you have any questions or demands about our products, please feel free to contact us with  the following email: marketing@oricszlab.com or service@oricszlab.com. We will get in touch with you shortly.



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