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Holographic optical tweezers

Holographic optical tweezers SLM-HOT for multi-disciplinary applications, with a wide range of manipulable objects and high precision measurement of small displacement quantities and forces. Simultaneous multi-trap operation with up to 400 light traps. Independent dynamic manipulation of particles in any light trap, with the possibility of rotating, transporting and sorting particles by generating new light traps.

Product Classification:

Optical Manipulation

key word:


optical tweezers

Life sciences

Aerosol science

Quantum science

Cell screening

Optical inspection

Medical analysis

Environmental science

Product Details

Product features:

▸ Optical capture and manipulation, non-contact and ultra-low damage.       

▸ Abundant manipulable objects, including viruses and bacteria as well as intracellular organelles and cellular fractions.

▸ Highly accurate measurement of small displacements and forces.Forces range from 10-15N to several hundred picocuries.

▸ Simultaneous multiple light trap operation up to 400

▸ Simultaneous trapping and manipulation of multiple particles in three dimensions.

▸ Independent dynamic manipulation of particles from any optical trap.Rotation, transport and sorting of particles can be accomplished by generating new types of optical traps.

Areas of application:

▸Soft matter materials  ▸Pharmaceutical experiments ▸Cell screening

▸Life sciences   ▸Optical inspection   ▸Single molecule DNA ▸Medical analysis

▸Environmental science ▸Aerosol science ▸Cold atoms

▸Quantum science ▸Neurodynamics ▸Reproductive medicine






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